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At work there are a couple of projects being run in an Agile project development process. This appears to be geared towards assisting the developers in achieving the best results. I say appears to be as I am new to Agile and its processes. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to experience an Agile team first hand but have caught snippets from our UX design meetings. I have also been reading about Agile and SCRUM on Wikipedia and some members of my team have sent across useful documents and blog posts of how UX fits into an Agile environment.

I was surprised to learn that at present there are few, if any, books written on the subject of UX in an Agile environment. But this is to be solved pretty soon. Anders Ramsay is currently writing (or has written and is now in an editing stage) a book on this very subject which will be released soon. Louise Ventris, our UX Team Lead has also recommended that I grab a copy of ‘Inmates Are Running The Asylum’ by Alan Cooper. I hear this is a very good read, even if not strictly about Agile.

What would we do without Twitter? How did we get such informed and brilliant leads before? I asked the Twitterati whether they knew of any books or must read blog posts or resources on UX in an Agile environment. Miles Rochford, my mentor at the IxDA put me in touch with Johanna Kollman who he described as his Agile UX guru. Johanna told me about Anders Ramsay and also the Ning group Agile Experience Design Organisation. Nick let me know about a Yahoo! Group called Agile Usability. Ian Fenn also mentioned Anders Ramsay was writing a book and Jeff Patton is releasing one on the subject next year.

Thanks to everyone who supplied me with resources, I now have lots to study and some upcoming books to look out for. My Agile UX bookmarks are tagged with ‘agileux’ in Delicious.

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