DigiKev: Attractive, functional, maintainable and well structured websites that create lasting experiences

Who is DigiKev?

DigiKev web designDigiKev is website design consultant Kevin Rapley who

researches, plans, designs, builds and optimises websites

using industry best practices, experience, an eye for design and importantly, common sense.

DigiKev builds websites with visitors journey through a website in mind, ensuring a good experience.

I recently worked with

Bostin Heroes, a comic strip championing the Black Country.

Bostin Heroes

What does this website contain?

A whole bunch, let’s break it down using the analogy of an onion with it’s layers of depth:

Web design
The gloss and beauty that fronts a website. This is the outer layer where we see graphics, photography, typography and design harmony.
Interface designInterface design (ID)
If done well, this layer won’t get noticed. The interface, in it’s simplest form, is the structure of a website with pages, content and interactions.
User experienceUser Experience (UX)
This layer is putting you, the person using a website centre of the design, making sure you have the best experience possible.
Information ArchitectureInformation Architecture (IA)
How often have visited websites to find you are unable to find what you want? IA is the classification and grouping of website content, then making that information findable.This is our inner core.
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